Boom and Bewm
Boom bewm
Boom and Bewm together
Vital statistics
Position Double miniboss
Age unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Boom and Bewm are bosses You fight in Borderlands 2. They are brothers and will fight together along with Captain Flynt's minions.

When the fight start You should focus on killing Boom (the one in the big turret) while evading his and other ones shots. Once you kill him you should focus on killing Bewm. To kill Bewm you should try to shoot him from a distance since his main weapon is a shotgun. You can also use Big Bertha(the big turret).

Once you defeat them you have to use Big Bertha to destroy the gate and defeat the rest of minions that will come.

First off if you get hit by the tank you can reload your game and try again anytime after you beat him. Bewm has a jet pack. He will fly around and land on any side of you and open fire. He really likes to keep you out of cover so the tank can hit you. If you let him just fire at you while you focus on the tank he will beat you. Be sure to deal with Bewm if he lands near you.

Big Bertha is the tank. The shot hurts and knocks you back. If the turret is stopped it means it is about to fire. FYI if you are a commando they will also target your turret so you can use that as a distraction.

Boom will come down after you kill Big Bertha. He has some armor but head shots are still crits. Aim for the head and stay behind cover. Just because he doesn’t have his tank anymore doesn’t mean he won’t kill you.

Right before the fight starts you need to drop off a ledge on the way to Flynt’s camp. Make sure you have enough ammo before you drop.