Captain Flynt
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Captain Flynt
Vital statistics
Position Miniboss
Age Unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Captain Flynt or simply Flynt is a miniboss you fight in Borderlands 2. When you fight Captain Flynt he starts shooting from a long distance while his minions will try to kill you. You should start by focusing on the minions first. Once you get close enough to him he'll come down and start the real fight. His main weapons are a gun and a pickaxe. When you're far from him he'll shoot you, and when you're close to him he'll start hitting the ground and creating shockwaves that cause you damage and push you away. He can also run at you and cause you damage, and jump at you. He has fire-breathing psychos that helps him while he fights. Sometimes he can get himself on fire and have defense boost while in fire. When on fire, his fire traps on the ground will start to spit flames that give you fire damage. Once you defeat him you can go with Claptrap to his ship.


Captain Flynt