Doc Mercy
Doc Mercy01
Doc Mercy walking
Vital statistics
Position Miniboss
Age unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Doc Mercy is a miniboss in Borderlands 2, and spawns in Three Horns Divide. He is very difficult to defeat because he has about 15 minions. There is a easier way to get to him without having to fight his minions. Their is a geyser near the skull in which he resides in and the player can ride it up and attack from there. Since his head is small it is recommended that you use a Hyperion Automatic Weapon such as The "Bitch". Doc Mercy also has a increased chance to drop the Infinity.

"Do Harm" Edit

Doc Mercy is a nomad mini boss for the quest Medical Mystery and is Dr. Zed's rival. Doc Mercy also has a chance to drop the legendary pistolInfinity. Being a nomad Doc Mercy wields a shield and an E-Tech gun making killing fairly difficult. He is located in the Three Horns - Valley.