Knuckledragger holding Claptrap
Vital statistics
Position Miniboss
Age unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Knuckledragger is the first miniboss the player encounters in Borderlands 2. He is often confused to be the first boss by people new to the game, however "Whilhelm" is the first boss. A good strategy to kill Knuckledragger is to get close and try to hit him in the head with a assualt rifle or another fully automatic weapon, then back away when he tries to ground pound. It is hard for his rock throwing attack not hurt the player if he is too close. He has a chance to drop the Hornet upon death. The Hornet is a legendary pistol manufactured by DAHL.

He will fight you head-on at the start, just like a regular "bullymong", but once enough time passes he will jump up onto the top of the ice-arena you've been fighting on and set his minions on you. He can still be fired upon while he is up there, but it's best to focus your attention on his minions until he comes back down.

A good way to evade his rock-throwing (or any other) attack is to stay in the entrance of the arena and try to shoot him from there.


A player battling Knuckledragger.

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