Pyro Pete The Invincible
Pete the Invincible
Pyro Pete
Vital statistics
Position Raid boss
Age unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Pyro Pete

Pyro Pete the Invincible AKA Pyro Pete is a Raid Boss featured in Borderlands 2, He is also needed to be killed in the mission Pyro Pete the Invincible (mission). A very good strategy is to use the Sniper Rifle the Tresspasser. Near the corners there are two pipes. Get between them and use the Tresspasser to snipe Pete's helmet off. Continue doing damage until he jumps up to join you. If he lands up there, jump down he will be stuck. He now cant do any damage to you normally. However his aura attack can still hurt you, try to crouch when he charges it up.